Spirituelle Mystik Ehe-Sakrament Tantra-Yoga Liebe-Meditation Monogamie

Rainbow Crystal Tantra Training


Max. 5 students in 1 class.

apply before registering.
the length of the training depends on your perceptive ability and your individual previous experience.
Min. 2 years with 36 training-days per year...

Contents of the training:

Self-healing through purification of the emotional identification shell. This concerns techniques of catharsis, which we apply until the emotional identification is "softened", so to speak, and the view of consciousness is clear and free again.

Chakra energy work...
Tantra Massage
Meditation and SEX, what seems to be the difference between - and how do we bring them together naturally...?
Tantric Drama Theatre...
Tantra Laughter Meditation
...and many other meditations