Spirituelle Mystik Ehe-Sakrament Tantra-Yoga Liebe-Meditation Monogamie

founder of Rainbow Crystal Tantra

1. Rainbow Crystal Tantra Temple Germany

"my home is my temple"

after 28 years of searching, numerous findings, continuous consciousness work,
i took the vows of inner asceticism of a modern tantra yoga master after the death of my zen master (March-2020).
I am very happy to share my work with friends and students.
he does his work on a voluntary basis out of conviction, as he earns his basic income as a private citizen, and consciousness work should be accessible to every person regardless of social status.

contact me before you want to visit: +49 06223 868534


69151 Neckargemünd (close to Heidelberg) south west GERMANY

A warm welcome!